Monday, September 21, 2015

The Importance of Getting Your Flu Shot!

Every winter is peak flu season. It is important during these cold months to go out and get your flu vaccination. People sometimes refuse to get vaccinated due to the ever-changing strain of the flu each year. Even though you can never predict exactly what type of flu will spread, it is still incredibly important to get vaccinated. The peak months for the flu occur between December and February, but you are still at risk from October through May. That is why it is recommended to get the shot as soon as the vaccine is available, most likely in October.

Doctors recommended getting the new vaccination every year to protect yourself and your family/friends from the virus. To prevent it from spreading make sure to wash your hands often so germs don’t spread and try to stay away from those that you know are sick. If you have already been infected with the flu, there are prescription and antiviral drugs to take. It is exceptionally important for young children, pregnant women and the elderly to be vaccinated, since they are more at risk of having serious flu complications.

For more information about the flu this year and how to protect yourself, read this article!